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  • MAY 17, 2019
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While you are making an agreement with a contractor, some detailed points and specification should be written in the agreement. These points help to finalize the agreement and provide better quality in the work. 

1.Fix the payment schedule on the pattern given below

Make sure the payment schedule is well planned as per the actual requirement of the contractor. It is always advisable to have a detailed discussion with the contractor and mentioning every detail about the payment schedule in the agreement.

Quality of the materials must be mentioned in the agreement as follows

a) Bricks:Quality of bricks should be first class. The contractor tries to use second class bricks in foundation and in the internal works by justifying that these bricks hold good bond with cement mortar. But this does not happen in practice, so do not agree with this suggestion.

b) Coarse sand:Coarse sand should be coarser and it should be washed to make it free from silt. The contractor tries to use unwashed and silty sand. If the house owner objects the the contractor may say that he would wash the sand later on but that never happens. If coarse sand with silt is used, it will reduce the strength of the structure by 20% to 30%. In general these points seem minor points but they affect the strenght of the building greatly.

After all your kids and your family would be protected by the strength of this building

c) Bazri:It should be of hard and tough stone having a blue color and mixture of 20 mm or 10 mm.  Contractor tries to use cheap bazri which is in pink, red or reddish color having “kacha” stone and also he uses 10 mm “bazri” which gives more volume. Do not agree with the suggestion as the strength of the structure will be reduced up to 10% because of the low quality bazri. .

d) Cement:Write in the agreement that cement should be from reputed factory and steel bars should be from TMT. Write the quality of the wood that should be used and the Ply board type that should be water proof and also write the types of other articles.

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