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  • MAY 17, 20191
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Availability of water is the most important element before you start constructing your dream house. Entire construction process depends on readily available water source at the site. The same would also help for daily basic necessities of life once you start residing in the building.

Well, there are several ways of checking bore well source points some of them are classical, relying on one’s judgment and experience and some are more modern with help of available machines and technology.
We always recommend going with modern approach of finding the available source with help of devices.

Prior to digging the borewell we recommend considering below points

Talk to your neighbors: Check with them about success and failure stories of bore well digging in the locality.

Depth of water source availability: The Geologist whom you consider will be able to asses the depth of water source. However, we recommend talking to your neighbours also for knowing the depth at which they got the water source. By doing that, you have a second source of information about the depth of water source and it should match with your geologists inputs.

Availibility of rocks: As mentioned earlier obtain information from both localities and geologist about availability of hard rock within the expected depth of water source. This would impact your budget and costing as well.

Vastu for digging borewell: Some of consider vastu for digging borewell as well. We recommend consulting your vastu experts first, assess the possible and points and inform the same to your geologist while obtaining the source points.

Approvals for bore well: You would have obtain approvals from the competent authority before digging the borewell. If you are in Bangalore, you would need permission letter from BBMP or local municipal corporation and also NOC from immediate neighbors. The digging process must be executed within the date and time span as approved by the local authorities.

Borewell Vendors: Always consider vendors who operate near the locality. You can also check with your builder/contractor for any reliable vendors. Compare the costing and quote with atleast 2-3 vendors before finalisng. You could also instruct your vendor to use hydraulic rigs for faster execution.

We have shared a sample of geologists report based on source point search executed in one of our projects, for reference purpose.

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